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Characters and Their Voices

Characters have voices?! What?!

Yes they do, and you are the only one who can hear them. Now that you know who’s in your head, just listen to what they have to say.

Help me! Write my dying story!

Yo, you with the hair! Write my story!

I hear voices too…what to write about all 7 of them?

I need a pen and paper! Does everyone in here have pen and paper?! No…damit…hey writer!!! Write my story!! These loser don’t have any good stories to tell! Hurry before you forget about me!

If you are hearing  voices in your heard, write down what they are telling you. Now you also have to get their voices down on paper too.


Well, you want the readers to hear their voices too, if not it sounds plain and boring and like a robot. And who would want that?

“I would,” robot voice said.

Um…anyways, *looks at robot* back to the writing. Not all robots should sound the same, so haha robot in your face! Same goes for your characters, they all have different pitch.

Would a guy be reading my blog in his voice or in my voice? My voice, is the answer…and if you’re not reading it with my voice, then I shouldn’t be writing this blog at all. If you can’t put down your own voice down on paper, then you need to work on that. And I have the perfect homework for you…. 🙂


I want you to write two different personalities for one character. Find the voice for the character between the two personalities. See the character in your head’s eye, and feel out what their voice would sound like. It it all down. Every thought and feeling you are having at that moment.


Morgan voice for example.

She is a very strong female, but due to some asshole of a vampire, turned her into a weak female. Her fighting spirit is died. She going doing everything they tell her to do, she make sure she is helpful and out of everyone’s way, and she always reminded herself that she is a slave, a nobody. Over time, she starts remember how she was before the supernatural world took over the human world. She start becoming that very strong female character again, just as she about to meet her soul mate.

But then again, what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t try to kill her off and her soul mate. *evil laugh*

I feel that the more you write and learn about writing, the better you will get at catching your characters’ voices. Just keep working and writing and you will see the different at the end.

Night Owl,




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Behind the Curtain: June Edition

Behind the Curtain when so well, I asked Hubert to ask me more questions every month. This way if I see questions I can write more about them. Plus its a fun way to see how my own writing mind works.

1. How do you know when a story idea is going nowhere and its time to throw in the towel?

For me, if the story doesn’t keep the ideas going then throw in the towel. If the story doesn’t move forward, it’s time to move on from the story. It’s more of a feeling, you just know when to throw in the towel.

2. How do you know when the story does have legs and is ready to be written?

If the story is giving you a lot of ideas, write it. If the story haven’t been written before, write it. If the story is telling you to write, write it. All you have to do is listen to the story and it will tell you what to write down.

3. How do you know when the story has potential but it might not be the right time to start on it?

When the story is giving you a hard time writing it. Sometime you have to step back and let the story sit for a while. When the story is ready for you to write it, it will flow down of your fingers. What I do sometime, which isn’t a good idea, I work on something else until the other story is calling me to come back.

4. In Spectrum you created a new species of supernatural beings called the Affecters. Why did you decide to create a different species and put her in this world of familiar supernatural creatures? How did the process of creating a new species go?

The idea of Affecters actually came from a mood ring, how it changes color depending on your mood. The word Affecter, comes from affected, which is emotion. I made the Affecters twins because they understand each other better than anyone else, so it could have helped out their moods. I also gave them powers because they aren’t really humans. One of their powers is to control someone through singing, I got that idea from Greek Mythology with the Sirens.

I put Elizabeth in a familiar world because at the moment I didn’t know I could build a different world and that fact that everyone wanted to read vampire stories. Now I’m not saying I didn’t know I could make up a place, what I mean is my world building was a bit limited due to the fact that I didn’t read as much as I do now.

I don’t think there is a process to creating a new species, I think it more work. Now that I know so much about different supernatural species, I think I have to go back and work more on Affecters and their history, before I re-edited it.

5. How long does it take you to build the world you set your stories in?

To me world building, can take a moment, but that just on how the place/world looks like. World building is more than just how the world looks like, so it hard to say how long it can take. You have to go deep, think about all the subject in school you hated to do and make it all up from this new world you’re building. USA and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

6. When you start writing, do you have a clear idea in mind of what type of world you want to write it or does that come with the process of writing?

It depending on what the story is about. If the story has vampires, then a vampire world building has to be made for the story. It the story is about fairies, when I have to world build it in a fey world. Sometime the story is just pictures I look up online of places here in the USA.

7. How do you go about finding your characters and their voices?

Hubert, you always find me a hard question to answer. My characters come to me with their stories, with their life. Their voices are sometimes hard to write, but I heard them very clearly. I do have a problem with Elizabeth’s voice; she is being too quiet.

8. Most of your stories are written in a first person point of view. Is this something you think you’ll maintain along your career or would you like to try other things?

I would like to write in Third person, one day…I’ve been told I do a good work writing it from a close friend. Yet for now, I think it will be first person, until I can write a whole story in Third person. I don’t think I will ever write in second person.

9. Do you see yourself always writing in the fiction genre or would you like to branch out to other types of genres?

I see myself writing fiction, but branching out within fiction. I have yet to write a High School Love story like you, Hubert. I do work on other genre within fiction, but nothing strong enough to write it. But I am planning on writing a love story, non-supernatural too.

10. How do you go about revising and editing?

I print out every page and I read each and every single page. I use three or four different color highlighters to mark: reword, deleted, spelling, and more details. After I know what I have to change and fix, I get back to writing the story. I rewrite the whole chapter and story again. New ideas go in and some of the old ideas stay.

Night Owl,

A.Goddess with Hubert

Please join the site. Please follow the blog. Please read my stories.

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Behind the Curtains: May

Hubert decided to ask me questions about writing. So today, my lovely writers and readers will be going behind my curtains to know my secrets. I will be answer these questions as honest as I can, like I always do with you all.

1. How would you describe your writing process?

My writing process looks a little like this:

The only different is, my prewriting is done in my mind. The writing is done in three very different ways: notebook, paper and folder, and computer. I don’t really have a respond…well I have you, Hubert, who reads it and tells me it need to be fix or it could be better, but other than that I don’t get the comments I look for when I post up online. For me revising and editing are the same thing, which can be hard to deal with, but for some, like you Hubert, it is the best part of writing.

2. Did you always know you wanted to be a writer or was it something you stumbled on?

I was always making up stories in my head, I still haven’t stopped, but I didn’t think about being a writer. I found out I was a good writer back in Eight grade, but still didn’t think about being a writer. It wasn’t until Freshman year in High School that I knew I wanted to be one. It all started with reading Twilight, and me being cocky about writing something way better than it.

3. How does a novel start for you?

For me, my novel start in-between chapters that haven’t been written or might not even get to be written. The first novel I wrote, which was crap and is being rewriting again, it actually started in the second book. I didn’t like the idea of having flash backs and decided to write the first book as the second book and write the flash backs as the first book, so you can see the main character grow into her world. After that novel was written, all my other books have been see in small scenes and the idea grows from that. It fun watching them grow though.

4. What part of the writing process do you enjoy most?

Um…I don’t know. It have to be actually writing the story and doing the research on the story and characters. Actually, thinking about it more, it have to be meeting the characters.

5. You have two very successful stories up on Wattpad, Spectrum and The Siren Effect, what was the inspiration behind the two novels?

Spectrum was written and finished before my first novel, funny right? Yet, Spectrum everyone felt in love with it. I wrote Spectrum as a sex slave because I was reading a lot of stories about sex slave and how they all need a man/vampire to save them. I have never been the type of girl that needed saving so I wrote Elizabeth’s (the main character) story.

Now The Siren Effect, the reason I wrote this story, and I’m still writing, is because I was going back to edited Spectrum and couldn’t find Elizabeth’s voice, and I meet Morgan. Morgan’s story was very different from Elizabeth’s. Morgan started out as a strong character, then a vampire broke her spirit. She had to learn how to become herself again, the strong identity thief woman who could sing herself out of any trouble (something I didn’t put into the story. *wink* She truly is a bad ass.)

6. How much research do you do for a novel and how much of that research actually makes it into the book? How do you decide what to keep from the research and what to change for your purpose?

When I first started to write, I didn’t do any research not all. Now I have challenged myself, into a world that doesn’t get written a lot, or a world that isn’t looked at as much anymore. So my research, go way deep into the world, so deep I know about the main character’s ancestors first started, and who were actually the first people before them.

At the moment, I can’t really tell how much of my research will go into the book, I haven’t found my balance yet, but as soon as I know, you will too.

I keep everything I found in my research, just like J.K. Rowling.

So far the only thing, I can remember on what has change my purpose is I have a scene where my main character goes to a party, in my research I found out about some of the party they have, so I will have to work on my timeline from her birthday and the party to happen on the same date, plus she in college so I have to work with that too.

7. How long does it take you to write a novel?

*sigh* I don’t have a schedule, so it can take me a long time to finish a novel. My first novel took me four years to finish, just to find out that I didn’t have a main plot. Specturm took me a year, but I was working on two other novels at the same time. Which is another reason why I can’t really tell how long it take me to write just one novel.

8. Do you outline or do you let the story take you where it wants to go? If you outline, how does that look?

I do both, depending on the story. Sometimes, I can just write the story and the main plot is written into it. Other times, I start writing and I draw blank, don’t know where to do or how to go to it. My outline have been posted up, check out Outline with the Goddess.

9. Do you write by word count (e.g. I must write 4,000 words a day) or do you write a chapter a day or whatever comes?

I wish I could write 4,000 words a day, ha. Sometime I open up a doc, and nothing new gets written. So I don’t push myself to write, but that doesn’t mean I don’t work. I research, or I edit, or I reread my story, or look for something to blog about. I never stop thinking about my stories. I have pictures in my phone of ideas to use for my stories. But writing by word count, I can’t do yet…but I will, one day.

10. What advice would you have for those of us who want to be writers?

I started this blog–I restarted this blog, was to give advice to writers who are beginning to write. So if they have anything they was advice on, tell me I blog about it. The only thing I can advice on, is READ AND WRITE AT THE TIME, NEVER STOP.

11. If you could go back to when you first started writing, what advice or words of wisdom would you give to your younger self?

Oh man, we’ve talked about this. Um…I would say don’t give up, keep writing…oh and Slayer doesn’t have a main plot work on it now before you make me start all over.

12. How different/similar was the writing process for Spectrum and The Siren Effect?

The different between them both was Specturm was writing without outlining, while The Siren Effect was written with an outline and was more research and I have to put in more work withe the timeline.

The similar between the both was they have from the same family, grow up together, both lost their moms, didn’t have any family helping them through the things they faced.

13. How do you feel you have improved as a writer in the last couple of years?

In the seven, almost eight years of writing, I have learned so much. Actually look at Spectrum and The Siren Effect and you can tell a big different in my writing and I am very proud of it. I still have a lot more to learn, but I am getting there.

14. What do you feel you do best in writing?

My best has to be telling the story, keeping the readers wanting more of the story.

15. How vivid do you see the story in your mind when you’re writing it?

I see some scene clear as day, and the other stuff is more work to write, which is fun because you never know what’s going to happen until it does.

16. Do you ever have moments of insecurity? And how do you overcome them?

I have many moments of insecurity. I have my own father tell me that my writing sucks, yet it stopped bothering me because he hasn’t read any of my stories.

To overcome them, I talk to you, Hubert or I read comments on Wattpad from my readers, or I just eat ice cream until I feel better. Once thing I do is, I don’t write when I’m like that. I don’t want my readers to feel that emotion in my writing.

17. Who is your favorite author? Book? Genre?

My favorite author is…Laurell K, Hamilton. Not Stephenie Meyer, surprise? I think so, anyways, Mrs. Hamilton is the best  writer I know…that I have read. The way she write about her characters and the stories, its a work of master piece.

My favorite book….that’s a hard one…I don’t know which one to pick…if I had to save one, I would die with them, lol. I can’t have a favorite, to me its like asking to pick your favorite kid, you can’t do it.

My favorite genre anything fiction. I have read so many different type of stories back in High school that were so boring to me, that I hate reading anything a teacher asks us to read. I will try to read it, but if I don’t like it, I won’t read it. I very picky at books, but anything fiction I will try to read…I had to read the new book that came out this year, called “All the Light We Cannot See,” it was a great story, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

18. If you could sit down with any writer and have a conversation with them, who would it be and why? It can be a living or dead writer.

LAURELL K HAMILTON!!! I would love to learn from her, mind read her mind, pick at her world building. I know I would learn so much from her and the same day I would write my best seller.

19. Who is your biggest influence in writing?

This has to be the only question for me that’s really hard to answer. Um…Laurel K. Hamilton writing influence my writing, at least with the world building and characters design. My influence comes also from pictures and places, like I said I have a lot of pictures in my phone for ideas on stories and characters. Sometimes shows, movies and books, influence my writing, so much that I am just writing a fan – fiction instead.

20. How do you see yourself five years from now?

In five years, hopefully finishing law school and a publish author. I might be married but not with kids yet, or maybe with one kid, who know. All I know is I’ll be finishing college and still a writer.

21. Why do you write?

I have wrote about this in my writing class, twice and so far, I think I figured it out. I write because writing is a way of breathing for me. Without writing, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I have face fears through my characters. I have loved and died many time, yet I felt none myself. I have killed many people without getting into trouble or going to jail. I am a Goddess through my writing, I make the laws and make the world. I decided who dies and who lives. I write also to get away from the real world, to escape from my life and into a different life. I could do things I can’t do, to dream and have the readers dream with me. To be someone for a day. To fall in love countless of times without being judge by it. To fight monsters bigger than life itself.

If there was a question you would like to know, just ask in the comments and I shall rely as soon as I can. Thank you for reading. Thank you Hubert for the questions, I love you my best friend.

Night Owl up before noon,

AGoddess with Hubert Vasquez


Sorry for the late post.

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Writing Everyday Goddess?

Good question readers.

I don’t write every day. I try to write every day, but sometime I draw a blank. Some writers do write every day, by word count or by chapter. Some writers write by hours.

Now word count is a limit of word you set for yourself to write every day, like this:

Today you will write 1,000 words.

Tomorrow you will have 2,000 words.

And so on…. You set the amount.

Writing by word count, I can’t do yet…but I will, one day. Word count helps you for when you are a published author keep up with your editor, making sure you don’t miss a deadline; but from what I heard, an author will always push the deadline farther away or push it back a few more weeks. I am not saying that it is wise to do that when you are first starting out, just try your best to make deadlines.

Writing by chapter is just that, you write a whole chapter in one day. Something for deadlines apply here too. That way you can have time to edit your story before turning it in to your editor, even if it they job to edited.

Now writing by hours, I mean like, you will start writing at 2:00 pm and won’t stop writing until 4:00 pm. The way I see it, you started out with word count, then you move to hour writing, then chapter writing. Baby steps is that way to go.

The reason why I don’t write every day isn’t because of work (If I had one) or school. The reason is I can’t think of everything to write for that day. Sometime I open up a doc, and nothing new gets written. So I don’t push myself to write, but that doesn’t mean I don’t work. I research, or I edit, or I reread my story, or look for something to blog about(I would take some ideas if you want me to write about anything in more details). I never stop thinking about my stories. I have pictures in my phone of ideas to use for my stories.

The way I see it, as long as you are doing something that has to do with your story, you are working on it, which is kind of like writing. Don’t worry if you don’t make your own deadlines, have some ice cream and write until you are finished.

So the next time, you are starring at a blank page, research or look up pictures, or work on your characters, do something that will help you get that blank page filled up with words.

Night Owl,


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World Building 101 With Professor Goddess

What is world building?

“How do I explain world building? I mean, I just learn about it…um…”

World building is the story before the story. The way I see it, the stuff you don’t put into the story, the secret that the readers don’t get to know is the world building. Now I will take you through my world building, I use my own “paper sheet/questions/method,” but there are questions you can look through. Here are the links:

Now you can read those later, you are here to learn my world building, not theirs. I started out with my plots, what will happen in my story, then I start asking myself why, what happen before this story took place. Like at the moment, I have working on a new story, stepping out of my vampire/werewolf world and going into a new dark sexy Fairy world. I had to do so much research on a type of fairy called Sidhe (SHE). This is what I have learn:

Sidhe’s History

Sidhe’s Magic

Sidhe’s Hand of Power

Sidhe’s Godly Head

Sidhe’s Wars

Sidhe’s Law and Custom

The Three Courts they have: Seelie, UnSeelie, and Wyld/Grey.

Races Inside of Each Court

Tuatha De Danann, which is the Goddess that made the Sidhes

Duals and Insults

Sexuality and Partnership

Oath-Beather, Kin-Slayer, and calling the Wild Hunt

How Sidhe look like, the different looks in their courts.

That is everything I have learn about them, now I have to learn how to balance all this information into my story. I think I have been doing a very good work in doing so.

My main character didn’t grow up with her birth parents, so she has to learn everything I learn, but I can just throw it into the story. So the way I am doing this is by her having a “teacher” teach her about their people. BUT, dealing with fey/fairy anything comes with a price. *wink*

Now that’s not the only thing you build, I also build my characters too (check out that post). So world building can be hard, but it can be fun too. So go out into the internet and build your world for your story!

Night Owl,


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Show, Don’t Tell

When writing a story, we must show the readers the story, not tell it. You do tell the story, but you have to show it as well. A few ways in going this, is by:

1) Description- telling how something/someone/place looks like, helps the show the story, paints a picture.

2) Smell- telling how the surrounds smell

3) Sound- bang, the sound of someone voice, so on.

4) Taste- bitter, sweet, sour, big red gun…

5)Touch- silk, smooth, rough,….

(I hope you are getting my points.)

Now I want to be open with you all, this post has been waiting to be posted for a month already. I didn’t know how to explain the Show, Don’t Tell, so today texting my best friend Hubert, I got a idea on how to explain it. So here is how I will show you, not tell you (LOL). I will show you a part of my story, then I will show you the revision part too.

Telling (This was written at the beginning of me learning how to write):

As Brian pointed me to the front office, I couldn’t help but openly gawk at the beauty of the school. The school appeared to be of gothic style with the walls made of brick. Golden-framed paintings of previous students hung along the walls. I stared at them as I passed by them. It felt as if they were looking right at me when I went by them. It didn’t freak me out though; actually I thought it was cool. I felt as if I was being stared at, but, when I turned around looking for the source, I found no one there.

Showing (This was written this year, in between writing classes and reading books on writing):

As we walked, I looked around the grounds and saw how beautiful it all was. Behind the gates there was a stunning garden with blue, white, and purple flowers underneath a big tree with white flowers. Right the in middle of all this beauty, stood a gothic building filled with mystery and power. The front of the school stood three floors tall made of gray stone. The windows were pointed arched and covered, from the inside, with red drapes so I couldn’t see inside the rooms. He talked about classes, the students, and how the rooming would work. I listened to everything he was saying, but as we walked into the hallway, I suddenly felt watched. I stopped walking, turning to look behind me.

There was no one there, though.

The only thing staring at me was the faces of the past. Golden-framed paintings of pervious students hung along the walls. I stared at them as I passed. I heard Master Young’s voice farther, so I hurried to catch up. He turned around just as I was reaching him.

If you can tell, the more detail you put into your story the more real it seem in the readers’ heads. Now I am not telling you to detail every little thing in your story. There is a balance to writing, which is sometime hard to find, but you can do it, I believe in you. I think the most important details that you should worry on writing are:



and last, but at least,

What The Characters Are Doing As Their Talk (something, I did this when I first started to write. I just wrote down the story).

Night Owl,


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Opinion Doesn’t Matter ?

Ah, hello again my readers and my writer friends,

Has anyone every told you that your opinions and thoughts don’t matter? I am told this every other day, by my father.

Now I don’t know if he trying to make me do something about it or if he wants me to stop writing because of his mean words. But I can tell you all this:

My thoughts and opinions matter very much. My voice will be heard, even if I lose my voice. I will keep having opinions and thoughts to my very last breath.

Some of you might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with writing? Well I shall tell you, writing has opinions and it is your thoughts going down on paper and ink. So if someone, like my father, doesn’t care for them, KEEP WRITING.

Don’t give up on your writing, because a non-know-it-all tell you that you, your thoughts, and opinions don’t matter.

Your homework for the week is:

Wake up, go to the mirror, and say, I do matter, my writing does matter, my opinions matter, and my thoughts will be say out loud so the world hears them. Today I will write a book that will matter to someone else, and there will be someone who doesn’t like it, but I don’t care.

Waking up at sun up sucks,

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