A.Goddess in Writer’s Block

I have read about the writers block isn’t real, but what else would you call it when you are stuck on a chapter? I don’t call it writer’s block, it more like I lost my muse. Losing your muse isn’t the end of your writing career, don’t freak out, we can fix this. Just because your imaginary friends won’t talk to you, doesn’t mean they wont talk to you again. They might be mad or they might be tried of telling their story to you over and over. *Giggle*

Whatever the case is, we just need to keep writing on. If you can’t write at all, edited or outline. If you are getting mad when your editing or outlining, STOP! Walk away from the story and clear your mind. If you can’t seem to find your muse, maybe the story isn’t being written the right way. Try writing it in a different point of view. Try a different voice. Try a different main plot. Sometime it’s not the writing, sometime it can be the idea of the story.

BUT, it is okay if the idea of the story didn’t work out. Just write it in a different way, a different plot. Regroup your ideas and see what works and what doesn’t work. Don’t give up on your story if you really feel the need to write it.

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I had answer a question about how I solve my writer’s block. Yes, there are ways to solve it, you just need to find your own ways. I solve my lost muse by:

  • Listening to music,
  • Reading other books,
  • Reading the last chapter of my book,
  • Going back to the outline, and sometimes
  • I don’t work on that book for a while.

It all depends on you how you like fixing your muse. You can also, like I wrote above, solve it by:

  • Try writing it in a different point of view,
  • Try a different voice,
  • Try a different main plot,
  • Try a new idea, or
  • Regroup your ideas and see what works and what doesn’t work

I wonder how other writers go about solving this problem…..

Do you think it’s a problem? If not, why?

How do you fix it?

Once again, let me know in the comments below. Thank you for taking your time to read my blog.

Night Owl,



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