Mental Editor

I don’t know how to turned off my metal editor. I think I do, but as I write this blog its on. Funny, how writers have this problem, but the only way we work around this…is by:

Will power.

The only time I have my mental editor on, is when I go back to reread the chapter that I was working on. I go back after I write it and make sure it sound right…and if I have an grammar mistakes….which I hope I don’t have.

I don’t think about the mistakes while I am writing. My thoughts are all on writing down the stories. It is not until I finished the chapter, that I go back and read edited it.

I know that I just rewrote the same thing twice, but its how I do things. You have to try and not edit as you write your story.

Image result for editor writing

Maybe trying to listen to music as you write, so you can’t think about editing also. You have to find the power within yourself to stop editing as you write.

Now I am not saying it a bad thing to edited as you write, I’m saying that some time you should edited as you write. Put all your thinking into writing the story instead of writing and editing it at the same time. The story will come out stronger when you do, even if you have you edited afterwards.

Remember editing is the fun part of writing.

Night Owl,



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