Behind the Curtain: July Edition

July is here, time for the fireworks! At least here in the USA…

Now I noticed that no one is asking me questions and don’t comment or follow my page…but as a writer, I shall keep writing until my very last breath!

1. How does a good days writing session look for you?

A good day of writing for me looking like this…

Netflix or music, sitting on my bed or floor or at my desk, writing away one to five different stories at the same time, and a cup of “coffee”; which is just cold chocolate milk to me, or a snack…must be sweet or chocolate.

2. Do you tend to stick to your outline or do you allow yourself a margin to deviate if necessary?

Some time I stick to my outline…other time I just write. It also depending on the story in which I work on. Anything I do for Wattpad, doesn’t always have an outline, just an idea. Anything I do for my personal writing, has an outline.

3. When you plan, do you have every single tiny little detail planned out? Or are there some things you still don’t know when you start writing?

Um…I want to say yes every single tiny little detail planned out, but I have that feeling in the back of my mind that is saying no. So no I don’t. Sometime you need to plan the big stuff first and in the editing part, detail the little things.

In other words, get everything down, then fix everything.

4. Some people believe in writer’s block. Do you believe in writers block? And if you do, how do you go about solving it?

I have read about the writers block isn’t real, but what else would you call it when you are stuck on a chapter? I don’t call it writer’s block, it more like I lost my muse. I do a lot of different things to solve it:


Reading other books,

Reading the last chapter of my book,

Going back to the outline, and

Don’t working on that book for a while.

It all depends on you how you like fixing your muse.

5. When you stumble into a problem in writing, what do you do to move past it?

Good question. I go to Hubert with my problems and we talk about it. He gives me his thoughts, I think about it, and see if I should do what he would do. If he doesn’t know the answer, google and I talk it out. If google doesn’t have the answer that I am looking for, then I go back to Hubert. *Laugh*

I would ask a teacher for help on the problem, but sometime it’s hard to trust someone you barely know. I have trusted teachers before and it ended up with me being sad about it and don’t hearing from him.

6. What do you prefer to write: a series or a standalone?

I love series! It doesn’t leave you with “what happen” feeling. It’s like the author wrote everything you wanted to know. I tent to write series because I don’t want to leave people wondering what happen to the characters.

7. If the first book in a planned series is rejected, would you still consider working on the sequel or would you consider it best to start a new project?

I don’t know what I would do. I would have to get over the fact that I got rejected first before I think about writing again. I think I would be in a dark place for a day or two before I think about writing again. I think I would need Hubert to push me to write again…hell even my boyfriend would have to get me going again.

8. How long does it take you to plan out a whole series?

I haven’t planned out a whole series. I normal just write down the main plots, then I only work on the first book. It keeps me force on the story more. That why I don’t confuse any of the outlines in my head while I write. If you want to plan out the whole series, that is up to you. I don’t do that.

9. Tips on shutting off the mental editor when writing.

Will power. *Laugh*

The only time I have my mental editor on, is when I go back to reread the chapter that I was working on. Even when I blog, my editor voice is off. I go back after I write it and make sure it sound right…and if I have an grammar mistakes….which I hope I don’t have.

10. Where do you get your ideas from?

I have always had ideas since I was a child. Most ideas has been written already so I try to make any ideas my own. Any ideas that you have try to make a twist out of it, no matter what.

11. How do you keep your story ideas fresh?

I’m always researching different creatures and reading different stories. The true key of keeping your story fresh is…twist turns and twist plots; so I’m told…*laugh*

12. How do you make sure your story ideas don’t overlap or keep from writing the same thing in every project?

I just keep all my stories different. Sometime, I have four different stories open and working on all four, but I never get confuse when I’m working on them. All my stories have different plots and are different supernatural people.

Night Owls,

A.Goddess with Hubert Vasquez


I would like to take a small moment to thank my best friend in the whole wide world, Hubert Vasquez. He’s been my best friend since the first time I met him in PE class. He has put up with my bad grammar and spelling. He has help me edited a lot of my works and hopefully will keep helping me throughout many more years to come. Without him, my story would sound too weird for readers to read.

Thank you Hubert! ❤


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