Throw in the Towel: the Sad Truth

Your story idea is dying on you and you’re starring to think that it’s time to throw in the towel, then go ahead. Throw the towel.

I have had this problem many times, and it’s okay to have it. It’s a normal thing with writing, but how can you tell if it’s time to kill the story?

Sometime the story isn’t right to write it. Sometime the story might seem like you have everything, then you ask yourself one question, and it falls apart.

Throwing in the towel doesn’t mean that the story can’t come back into your mind. Sometime you might need some time to think about another story until the one you feel like throwing away come back into your mind.

You have to make sure that the story is no long a good story to write. You decided if the story is time to go into the book graveyard.

If I were you, here is going very good to have, a file name book graveyard. Keep all your throw away stories. You never know when you will need them again.

Night Owl,



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