Potential but Not the Right Time?

Some day no one want to do anything. Other days we want to do everything. In the world of a writer, we have to write every day, even if its not for the story we are working on. This post is about when the story can make it but it might not be the right time to write it.

Story giving you a hard time,





That is the key to writing. Sometime you have to step away from the story and write something else. I would know. Let me tell you a little story about My First Novel. It starts like this:

Freshman year, in high school, I read Twilight, all the books. I finished the last book, Breaking Dawn, walked up to my dad and said, “I finished all four book and I know I can write a better book.”

He looked down at me, “Then write it.”

I went back to my room and began to write my first story, which became my second book to my saga. For a person who never wrote a story before, it took some time to write it. First off, I wrote the second book, stop writing it, and wrote the first one. Took a year or two to write it, and took two or three more years to actually start to edited the story.

Once I edited the story, I found out I didn’t have a plot. Yeah I know I die when I found out. Now, at this very moment, I am rewriting my first novel. Now the reason why it took me so long to edited was because I didn’t like it, didn’t know how to do it, and I had decided to take a step back from the story, even if the story was calling my name to rewrite it. I did from time to time, fix some spelling mistakes, fix grammar, had Hubert comment on it, and fix some of the details.

Some people might think it was a waste of time to beginning writing without knowing how to write an novel. I don’t see it that way. Over the five to eight years, I wrote other stories and kept working on ideas. I learned so much within those five to eight year, that now I can write with my eyes close (Not really but hey). I have seen my writing grow and I have learn so much more about writing.

My first blog was a mess. I have no idea what I was doing, or at least I think I know what I’m doing. Now I have a plan for this blog. I want new writers (and maybe even old writers) to learn from my mistakes before they make their own. So if the story has potential, but it might not be the right time to write it, step back and write something else until you feel it the right time. I did, you can do it too.

Vampire in the Coffin…Soon,



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