Characters and Their Voices

Characters have voices?! What?!

Yes they do, and you are the only one who can hear them. Now that you know who’s in your head, just listen to what they have to say.

Help me! Write my dying story!

Yo, you with the hair! Write my story!

I hear voices too…what to write about all 7 of them?

I need a pen and paper! Does everyone in here have pen and paper?! No…damit…hey writer!!! Write my story!! These loser don’t have any good stories to tell! Hurry before you forget about me!

If you are hearing  voices in your heard, write down what they are telling you. Now you also have to get their voices down on paper too.


Well, you want the readers to hear their voices too, if not it sounds plain and boring and like a robot. And who would want that?

“I would,” robot voice said.

Um…anyways, *looks at robot* back to the writing. Not all robots should sound the same, so haha robot in your face! Same goes for your characters, they all have different pitch.

Would a guy be reading my blog in his voice or in my voice? My voice, is the answer…and if you’re not reading it with my voice, then I shouldn’t be writing this blog at all. If you can’t put down your own voice down on paper, then you need to work on that. And I have the perfect homework for you…. 🙂


I want you to write two different personalities for one character. Find the voice for the character between the two personalities. See the character in your head’s eye, and feel out what their voice would sound like. It it all down. Every thought and feeling you are having at that moment.


Morgan voice for example.

She is a very strong female, but due to some asshole of a vampire, turned her into a weak female. Her fighting spirit is died. She going doing everything they tell her to do, she make sure she is helpful and out of everyone’s way, and she always reminded herself that she is a slave, a nobody. Over time, she starts remember how she was before the supernatural world took over the human world. She start becoming that very strong female character again, just as she about to meet her soul mate.

But then again, what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t try to kill her off and her soul mate. *evil laugh*

I feel that the more you write and learn about writing, the better you will get at catching your characters’ voices. Just keep working and writing and you will see the different at the end.

Night Owl,




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