Behind the Curtain: June Edition

Behind the Curtain when so well, I asked Hubert to ask me more questions every month. This way if I see questions I can write more about them. Plus its a fun way to see how my own writing mind works.

1. How do you know when a story idea is going nowhere and its time to throw in the towel?

For me, if the story doesn’t keep the ideas going then throw in the towel. If the story doesn’t move forward, it’s time to move on from the story. It’s more of a feeling, you just know when to throw in the towel.

2. How do you know when the story does have legs and is ready to be written?

If the story is giving you a lot of ideas, write it. If the story haven’t been written before, write it. If the story is telling you to write, write it. All you have to do is listen to the story and it will tell you what to write down.

3. How do you know when the story has potential but it might not be the right time to start on it?

When the story is giving you a hard time writing it. Sometime you have to step back and let the story sit for a while. When the story is ready for you to write it, it will flow down of your fingers. What I do sometime, which isn’t a good idea, I work on something else until the other story is calling me to come back.

4. In Spectrum you created a new species of supernatural beings called the Affecters. Why did you decide to create a different species and put her in this world of familiar supernatural creatures? How did the process of creating a new species go?

The idea of Affecters actually came from a mood ring, how it changes color depending on your mood. The word Affecter, comes from affected, which is emotion. I made the Affecters twins because they understand each other better than anyone else, so it could have helped out their moods. I also gave them powers because they aren’t really humans. One of their powers is to control someone through singing, I got that idea from Greek Mythology with the Sirens.

I put Elizabeth in a familiar world because at the moment I didn’t know I could build a different world and that fact that everyone wanted to read vampire stories. Now I’m not saying I didn’t know I could make up a place, what I mean is my world building was a bit limited due to the fact that I didn’t read as much as I do now.

I don’t think there is a process to creating a new species, I think it more work. Now that I know so much about different supernatural species, I think I have to go back and work more on Affecters and their history, before I re-edited it.

5. How long does it take you to build the world you set your stories in?

To me world building, can take a moment, but that just on how the place/world looks like. World building is more than just how the world looks like, so it hard to say how long it can take. You have to go deep, think about all the subject in school you hated to do and make it all up from this new world you’re building. USA and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

6. When you start writing, do you have a clear idea in mind of what type of world you want to write it or does that come with the process of writing?

It depending on what the story is about. If the story has vampires, then a vampire world building has to be made for the story. It the story is about fairies, when I have to world build it in a fey world. Sometime the story is just pictures I look up online of places here in the USA.

7. How do you go about finding your characters and their voices?

Hubert, you always find me a hard question to answer. My characters come to me with their stories, with their life. Their voices are sometimes hard to write, but I heard them very clearly. I do have a problem with Elizabeth’s voice; she is being too quiet.

8. Most of your stories are written in a first person point of view. Is this something you think you’ll maintain along your career or would you like to try other things?

I would like to write in Third person, one day…I’ve been told I do a good work writing it from a close friend. Yet for now, I think it will be first person, until I can write a whole story in Third person. I don’t think I will ever write in second person.

9. Do you see yourself always writing in the fiction genre or would you like to branch out to other types of genres?

I see myself writing fiction, but branching out within fiction. I have yet to write a High School Love story like you, Hubert. I do work on other genre within fiction, but nothing strong enough to write it. But I am planning on writing a love story, non-supernatural too.

10. How do you go about revising and editing?

I print out every page and I read each and every single page. I use three or four different color highlighters to mark: reword, deleted, spelling, and more details. After I know what I have to change and fix, I get back to writing the story. I rewrite the whole chapter and story again. New ideas go in and some of the old ideas stay.

Night Owl,

A.Goddess with Hubert

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