Writing Everyday Goddess?

Good question readers.

I don’t write every day. I try to write every day, but sometime I draw a blank. Some writers do write every day, by word count or by chapter. Some writers write by hours.

Now word count is a limit of word you set for yourself to write every day, like this:

Today you will write 1,000 words.

Tomorrow you will have 2,000 words.

And so on…. You set the amount.

Writing by word count, I can’t do yet…but I will, one day. Word count helps you for when you are a published author keep up with your editor, making sure you don’t miss a deadline; but from what I heard, an author will always push the deadline farther away or push it back a few more weeks. I am not saying that it is wise to do that when you are first starting out, just try your best to make deadlines.

Writing by chapter is just that, you write a whole chapter in one day. Something for deadlines apply here too. That way you can have time to edit your story before turning it in to your editor, even if it they job to edited.

Now writing by hours, I mean like, you will start writing at 2:00 pm and won’t stop writing until 4:00 pm. The way I see it, you started out with word count, then you move to hour writing, then chapter writing. Baby steps is that way to go.

The reason why I don’t write every day isn’t because of work (If I had one) or school. The reason is I can’t think of everything to write for that day. Sometime I open up a doc, and nothing new gets written. So I don’t push myself to write, but that doesn’t mean I don’t work. I research, or I edit, or I reread my story, or look for something to blog about(I would take some ideas if you want me to write about anything in more details). I never stop thinking about my stories. I have pictures in my phone of ideas to use for my stories.

The way I see it, as long as you are doing something that has to do with your story, you are working on it, which is kind of like writing. Don’t worry if you don’t make your own deadlines, have some ice cream and write until you are finished.

So the next time, you are starring at a blank page, research or look up pictures, or work on your characters, do something that will help you get that blank page filled up with words.

Night Owl,



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