World Building 101 With Professor Goddess

What is world building?

“How do I explain world building? I mean, I just learn about it…um…”

World building is the story before the story. The way I see it, the stuff you don’t put into the story, the secret that the readers don’t get to know is the world building. Now I will take you through my world building, I use my own “paper sheet/questions/method,” but there are questions you can look through. Here are the links:

Now you can read those later, you are here to learn my world building, not theirs. I started out with my plots, what will happen in my story, then I start asking myself why, what happen before this story took place. Like at the moment, I have working on a new story, stepping out of my vampire/werewolf world and going into a new dark sexy Fairy world. I had to do so much research on a type of fairy called Sidhe (SHE). This is what I have learn:

Sidhe’s History

Sidhe’s Magic

Sidhe’s Hand of Power

Sidhe’s Godly Head

Sidhe’s Wars

Sidhe’s Law and Custom

The Three Courts they have: Seelie, UnSeelie, and Wyld/Grey.

Races Inside of Each Court

Tuatha De Danann, which is the Goddess that made the Sidhes

Duals and Insults

Sexuality and Partnership

Oath-Beather, Kin-Slayer, and calling the Wild Hunt

How Sidhe look like, the different looks in their courts.

That is everything I have learn about them, now I have to learn how to balance all this information into my story. I think I have been doing a very good work in doing so.

My main character didn’t grow up with her birth parents, so she has to learn everything I learn, but I can just throw it into the story. So the way I am doing this is by her having a “teacher” teach her about their people. BUT, dealing with fey/fairy anything comes with a price. *wink*

Now that’s not the only thing you build, I also build my characters too (check out that post). So world building can be hard, but it can be fun too. So go out into the internet and build your world for your story!

Night Owl,



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