Characters and Their Sexiness

Hi my name is Hubert and I’m looking for a writer who can write my story.

Hi Hubert, my name is A.Goddess and I’m a writer. I would like to get to know you so I can write your story. 

Hubert and A.Goddess went out to have coffee and had a good time. Hubert had agreed to let A.Goddess to write his story.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you meet your main character. Slowly you start to learn more about him/her. Sometime they will talk to you and sometimes they won’t talk to you at all (This is writer’s block.)

On the name of this post, it says Their Personality, so that what I want to write about, but also the character’s look. But first let start out with how they look.

The readers are always going to have a different person in their head when they think about your character, but that doesn’t matter. What matter is how you want them to look. To describe a character you start with the base.

Let’s start with color: Hair color, Eyes color, and Skin color.

After color, pick one of the three, hair. I like hair, so I pick.

Hair: Hair color, Length, and Style. You can use hair to make your character seem sly or afraid of something or some one.

Example: The longer the hair, the stronger the power. At least that was what I was told. My short brown human hair made me weak, yet my true hair was long and deep blood red, the color of the UnSeelie Court. Yet, someone was trying to kill me. I was mean to be Queen, my hair is more Dark Court than my brother’s long dirty blond hair. He was meant to be in the light, yet the more I looked at his hair, I could see a small amount of black hair. That didn’t sit with me well. It wasn’t the fact that I wanted to the throne, it was the fact that the more I starred at his hair, the more black it got. No one seem to notice, the black cloud of hair my dear brother was getting…(Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)

Eyes: Eyes color, Shape, and Meaning. Remember the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Example: I looked into his eyes, with that one look, I knew I could trust him with my life. With someone trying to kill me at every turn, I had to look into his soul to know the true, His eyes held no evil, only sadness and lost. The wise blue-grey pools watched me as he waited for an answer.

Skin: Skin color…this goes with more, like: Body type, Bone structure, Face shape, and Hands/Feet. (I’ll talk about the Character’s body in a different post.)

Example: My flesh against his chest, I could feel his strong body wrapping itself around me, protecting me from the light. His moon-kissed skin cloaked my body from the attack, whom ever was trying to kill me, or whatever it was. His smooth skin felt too soft to take a bullet for me, yet I knew he has taken more than just a bullet. I could feel his extra fingers grabbed onto me, as he use his other hands to shoot back. Other extra fingers I was once afraid of, but now I couldn’t wait until we were alone together….(Sorry I got really into it. It for a story I’m working on.)

Every detail you put into your character must be important to the story/plot. Now I’m not going to go into details with this post, but I am leaving some Links down at the bottom, so you can check them out. Also I have some “Questions” you can ask your character while having coffee or tea. (Click on Questions.) If you are looking for a boom to have more of a better picture how, what I think is the best describing ever, check out any book from Laurell K. Hamilton. (Click on her name.)

Now the personality, that is very easy, right? It’s not. You have to become someone else and have a different personality and write it down. It take times to get the character’s voice and personality down, I would know. I have a story called, Spectrum, and the character’s voice and personality isn’t as strong as I would like it too be, but the story itself has 213 votes, 8.48 views, and 9 comments. (Check it out. Click on the name.) If I remember correctly, the story had more votes the first time it was up, but I took it down thinking I had a chance to publish it. It had turned out to be no money publish, so the company would get all the money for my hard work and I would only get my name out there…didn’t feel right to me.

Any who, personality is just getting to know your character as well as you know yourself. Dislike, likes, favorite color, food and so on. You have to sit down and talk to them, learn about them and who they are. It’s not hard to do it, its more tricky than anything else, but if I can do it so can you. Just listen to your character’s voice, become the character, and you will be fine.

One more thing, the way I started this post, was just a funny way I thought I would start. Hubert isn’t any character, he’s an actually person and my best friend. He has his own blog too…I don’t know if it’s up…but next time I’ll put his link. (When I find out if he has one still.)

Learning Personality,




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