Characters’ Background

Everyone has a background.

A story.

A personality.

So let’s write about your characters’ background. Start with the simple parts: Favorites.

Everyone loves the favorites questions. Color, food, candy, clothes, place, country, show, music, subject, etc.

But here is a better picture, and something I love to do with my characters, here it is: (an Example:)

• Raven Cross
o Age—18
o Sex— Female
o Personality— Gothic, loner, bitch, scary, bookworm, lovable,
o Looks— long black hair that reaches her lower back. Purple colored eyes as soft as the sunset sky. pale white skin, cold to the touch.  ETC.
o Job—student
o Weapon(s)—fangs
o Race—vampire
o Powers—mind control
o Marital Status—Single
o Scars or other notable physical attributes—fang bite on the neck and moon scar on right should blade.
o Brothers/Sisters—none
o Relationship with parents—died, many years ago.
o Enemies? Why?—maker because she didn’t want to stay with him.

There are more questions you could write down…which I had, but I can’t find them. Like I can’t find my lovely questions, I found Gotham Writer’s Workshop questions. It really easy to fill it out and add more questions to help you make up a character. Yes, you can make one for each character if you want. Any question you can think of to add, let me know about it.


PS I’m trying to blog on weekdays only.


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