Plots and Sub-plots




Forget the lights and camera, for right now. We haven’t even published a book yet, to start thinking too ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about the action part, or at least the plot and sub-plots. You would think that plots and sub-plots are easy to do, but it’s not.

Plots can be tricky, you think that its your main plot, but it could be sub-plot. I have had this problem. I am currently rewrite a whole novel because I didn’t have a strong main plot. 

So the plot is the main point of the story, what makes the story move forward. These a beginning,  middle, and end. Beginning is where the story starts of slow and the drama takes place. The middle is where all the problems boiling point takes place. And last, the end were you tie up all the loses end.

To do all of this we have “rules” to follow:


Example: Chicken, Bird, Big Bird, Street, Death, Life….

2-Connect ideas together (Which make sense.)

Example: Death, Life, and Street.

3-Outline your characters

Example: Strong, boy, girl, tall, short, hair, scars, so on…

4-Chose a plot

Example: There streets are where I took my first breath and my last. It all started with that untouchable girl, who was with the gang leader.

5-Setting or Make up a unique setting

Example: New York. Busy street. Dark alleyway. Old building.

6-Character Finalize

Example: James Doorman; main character. Lucy Heart, untouchable girl. Mark Winchester, Gang Leader.


Example: James and Lucy are in love and want to run away from Mark. Mark doesn’t want anyone else to have Lucy.


Example: Lucy doesn’t want James to die, but she doesn’t want to stay with Mark neither.

9-Rising action

Example: Lucy and James meet and hang out. Slowly start to fall in love with each other.


Example: Mark finds out about Lucy and James and their plans to run away together. Mark and James get into a fist fight.

11-Falling action

Example: James loses the fight and is dying on the street.

12-Organizing your thoughts

Example: Is Lucy there to see the fight? Yes.

13-Plot Twist

Example: James doesn’t die. Lucy kills Mark and become Gang Leader.

14-Write the Story

Example:….Just write the story. Have fun with the plot and characters.

Everything must be thought out careful and plan to the last word. Everything has to connect, the character must go with the story, the conflict and plot twist must make sense. You have to remember, you aren’t just writing a story, you’re making a movie in someone else mind. Here is more links, to explain more about plots:

Write a Good Plot

How to Create a Plot Outline in 8 Easy Steps

How to Build a Story from Beginning to End

Keep Plotting,


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