Writing like an Immigrant?

Yesterday my dearest father told me I write like an immigrant. It hurt and it broke me from the inside, but then I got mad. So mad that I had to write this post about how a person write and how no one should tell you that you write bad or badly.

In a world were you are learning how to write, you will get it wrong. I didn’t have the best teachers, growing up and my parents’ English is what some people would call a broken English. So my English isn’t as well as a full white person, but I’m working on it. I’m working on my writing as well.

I feel like he had no right to say my writing was bad. He doesn’t know what it is to grow up in the United States and to go to school where no one really teaches you everything. You were lucky if you got homework to take home. Now I know that I should put in more work, but how can you teach yourself how to write if you don’t know if you’re doing it right in the first place. No one took the time to show anyone how to write.

I live in Miami, Florida, which was the last state to get school in the United States, which means from the start our schools where behind on learning. Then we have teachers who just sit behind their desk, tell us what pages to do, and turned it in by the end of class. Those are the teachers who we should call Bank Teachers. You have a hand full of good teachers, who actually teach. the only problem with these good teachers, they can only have 25 kids and 5 classes, sometimes 6 classes. Those good teachers are also known as the AP Teachers. I didn’t want to take AP classes, too much work and not enough hands on.

School, or the people who work in them, forget that not even student learns the same way. That could be the reason why there are so many drop-outs or gangs. Teachers don’t take the time to help the students. Yes there are a few new teachers that do, but after they lost hope, its all over. They lost hope in their own teaching, which is how they become Bank Teachers.

But none of that has to do with writing. Back to the subject at hand, it doesn’t matter how a person writes. Doesn’t matter how many mistakes they have. Doesn’t matter how much their grammar sucks. A writer learns every day of their life, how to write, how to become a better writer, how to become a better person, how to become so many things or so many people. It doesn’t matter how a person write, if the message is getting across, does it matter if they have “comma splice” or if they have mistakes. Even when a person corrects it, it is not a bad comment. Those comments are there to help you become better as a writer. Hell, maybe you didn’t have the time to fix your mistakes, or you did but you miss a few.

No one is prefect. Anyone makes mistakes and misses the small things. And if someone said your writing is bad, smile and asked, “Is it as bad as 50 Shades of Grey?” (Sorry to whoever loves the books, I couldn’t read them because TO ME that was bad writing.)

If they answer yes, smile again and said, “Watch me make it big, while you stay right where you are.”

If you write every day, you become a better writer. Trust me, I know. I’ve looked at my old work and thought, Wow this is bad. Now I looked at my writing and think, This is better, but it could be very better.

My point is this, don’t let anyone put you down. Write whatever you want. Write whatever way you want. If it bad, fix it and learn from it. Grow as a writer and don’t hold yourself back from anything.

I am a writer and a GREAT writer,



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