To Better Beginnings

Everyone has their weakness in writing. I haven’t figured out what is my weakness, even if I think its grammar and spelling. Anyways, This post is about beginning your story and how to go about it. I thought it was a great way to start my blog…with the BEGINNING! lol

I read a blog about “The Rules” in writing (Check out the link). It have 5 rules about what we shouldn’t do or start a book with. The five rules are then explain on why they are there and why we shouldn’t do it.  I’ll name the rules and explain them my way.

#1–Don’t start your novel with a prologue. (I have done this when I first began writing.)

Not a lot of book are using prologues anymore. Plus not everyone reads the prologue to begin with. The only time you should use this is, if it is part of the story, not a background or loads of information.

#2–Never start your story with your character waking up and going about his/her business as usual. (I can’t think of any story right now that i have started this way…but I probably have.)

This rule is put here because everyone knows what a person does in the morning. Agents and readers need to be hook to your book from the first sentence. Ignore the rule if your character’s life changes dramatically by the second line.

#3–Never start your novel with a dream sequence, or a fight scene, or a dialogue, or in the middle of the action. (My friend and I wrote our first chapter in a dream.)

If the dream has nothing to do with the story/plot, delete it–or not start it at all. The readers have to get to know the main character before the action/fight take place. Fight scene that show the character’s personally can stay; same goes with dreams.

#4–Never start your story with a character looking in the mirror. (Something I have done before.)

You don’t want to give the readers too much details about your character in the first sentence. It doesn’t make the story flow like it should and it is a lot better if you describe the looks throughout the chapter.

#5–Don’t use Adjectives and/or Adverbs. (Again, I have done this before too.)

You don’t want to tell a story, you want your readers to see it. So show your story, don’t tell.

If you read the link above, you get to read the “real” “Rules” that they have and see how they explain it too. As you can see, I have “broken” every rule here, and guess what? It’s okay to break them, We all have to start somewhere and learn from our “mistakes.” Not a lot of people know they are starting wrong, hell I didn’t. I found out I been starting my stories wrong…I think…last year. My friend Hubert send me the link and we were talking about it the day before he send it.

It’s good to have friends that are writers, they learn from you and you learn from them. So read the “rules” and find writers to be friends with. (You can’t have my friend…He’s my best friend.)

To Better Beginnings,



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